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Density issue

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Hi guys,


I have a question regarding density. It's something I have noticed time and again with Exlevel when I try create any plant. It seems as though my density is exponentially greater than it should be. I usually have to work with density values of approx. 0.001...and even then it's too dense! I am currently working on a scene where I have a plane of 6 by 12 segments - it's about 7 meters long and 4 meters wide. I'm trying to create hanging plants from a screenlike mesh that makes up my ceiling (the plane is a placeholder surface). I have selected subojects so am not even using every segment on the plane as the surface distributor. I set density to 0.001 and it's still too dense...and I can't go any lower  :unsure:  It's obviously frustrating because any change takes aaaages to calculate with so many polygons affected.


I am working with 3ds Max 2014 in mm. I thought it could perhaps be a unit issue? I always work in real world scale, so that shouldn't be an issue.


Anyone come across that before?


Let me know if I need to upload the scene. Screengrab attached.







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Hi Terri,


You can just to increase the Unit calc value in the Preference parameters rollout.

Please note, this value will also affect other density settings, for example in the Path Distributor.



This is quite important Terri!

Try to use a value that is good for the size of plant/tree you are making, as too small or large a value will force other parameters [such as you describe ] to be really large or small.

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Thank you guys.


How do I know what size is good for the plant I am creating? Say the difference between a 2 or 3m vine and a 8m tree?


It was set to 10mm when I checked.

That's probably a bit small Terri.

I usually set it somewhere between 0.1 & 1.0 meters

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