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copy and paste after rescaling growfx objects

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Greetings all :)


Just a few quick questions about copy and paste functionality in growfx.


1. If I have two growfx objects and I attatch a path from one to the other, will it always be attatched to the first path of the recieving object by default ?


2. If I have two objects and I "rescale" the second one then copy and paste one of its paths into the first object the pasted path seems to keep only its rescaled length. the rest of its properties appear to return to their pre scaled values. Is their a way to prevent this ?


I have attatched an example file,

tree test.max

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I looked at the second issue a little more after posting. It looks like "unit calc:" is multiplied by whatever number you enter as a scale value. and in order to cut and paste from one object to another without distortion the "units calc:" must be the same. I found I could fix the problem by changing the units from the scaled object back to the original scale and multiplying all the associated spinner values and multipliers by 1/(scaled value) but that is pretty clunky :) So I guess it would be handy to have some sort of universal multiplier button alongside the "Rescale GrowFX object" button so that you could easily match up the units.


What I am trying to do is make a few basic branching and flower patterns as templates and cobble them together using cut and paste to roughly represent the plants we use in our planting pallette.


If there is a better way any help is always greatly appreciated :)

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