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Instanced geometry pivot


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I'm a bit confused where do I have to place the pivot of my geometry to use it as instanced geometry in my growfx object?

I've read in a older thread that the z-Axis has to be along the grow but the pivot itself has to be in the center of the object?



I thought it would be more logical to place it where i want my geometry to start:



but if I do this my geometry gets an offset in the wrong direction :( I looked the example Eduard postet https://exlevel.com/forum/index.php?/topic/74-instanced-geometry-issues/?hl=pivot&do=findComment&comment=322

and did the same(with xform mod etc.) but somehow my result is different. Do I have to edit the normals of my mesh?



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Yes, you need to apply Reset XForm, because your instance objects has a scale = 7.111%. To check, try changing the scale value for your objects, and you'll see how their positions changes. To solve the problem, you can also set the scale = 100%.


Please see to my saved file: Test_1.max, where I applied the Reset XForm, there objects moved to their places.



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