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Interact with maya

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Who can help me solve this problem

I am a maya user,I want to export the growfx to maya with the
But there may be material loss in maya if import the cache.
I would like to know what kind of process is right?
I follow the following process to do
1.i assigned multi/sub-object material to Growfx in 3dmax(I would like to keep these different materials in maya,)
2.export the cache(Autodesk cache(*.xlm)) in 3dmax
3.export fbx in 3dmax
4.import fbx to maya(now this mesh have many different phong materials)
5.import Geometry cache  in maya
6.save scence
But when i open the file again,used the“delete unused nodes” in the hypershade,These phong materials are all deleted.and can not use the“select objects with material ”,I try to export Alembic objects(single) as well.
Can tell me what kind of process is right?
My English is not very good, please understand
Thanks in advance! Hawkington
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