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scale Leaves mesh proportionally

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Forgive me !

I've just purchased GrowFX. This is a really really basic question, but after two hours with the manual I'm still none the wiser and I need to run a quick animation off before the weekend.


I downloaded the free bamboo object and all I need to do is scale the leaves down about 50%. How do I do it? I've been through all the "Leaves mesh" settings, and I think I understand how the leaves are generated, but no setting changes the length of the leaves. Checking scale proportionally does nothing.





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Hi tricera,


Please open the Direction modifiers for your Leaves path. Then change the Length path as you like. This is the length of your leaves.

To change the width of the leaves, please click the Graph button beside the Width parameter in the Leaves mesh settings, and change the Scale factor value in the Graph dialogue.

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