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Random size leaves

Michiel Quist

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well basicaly what the title says. Is there a way of making the size of the leaves a bit more random?



* For "leaves mesh" you could up the chaos spinner in the "path parameters" section of the "modify direction" tab (below length).


* For "standard leaves mesh" you would have to link the "length" of the path to the "size" of the mesh then just up the chaos length like you would for a leaves mesh.

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I tried to do the same thing for a tree & used parameter path position- affects> size then manualy created a saw like curve in the curve editor with different heights

-Takes a bit longer but you have ultimate control using the curve editor to get just the amount or variation you need.


NOTE! To make more realistic you want the last leaves [the new growth at the tip] to get gradually smaller than the first [older] leaves. [99.9% of all trees grow this way.]


Random size leaves would only look good in certain situations [like grasses,etc]


Hope this helps

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