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animating growing grass

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Hello there,

I am animating grass growing on a plane and the density is based on vertex color. This works fine, but my vertex color map is actually animated: the plane starts out black and the white vertex color blends in, starting at the border of the plane and creeping towards the plane center.

I also use an instanced mesh for the grass, this mesh has a grow animation.

The problem I have is that I can not trigger this animation in the above setup with the animated vertex color. It uses the global grow animation, it doesn't start the animation when a single blade of grass starts to grow because of the vertex map. Is there a way to do that?


Suggestions are much appreciated!

Thanks guys!

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Hey Eduard, thanks for your reply!

I attached a maxfile with an example.

Vertex color is just a couple of vertex paint modifiers and I animate each ones opacity.




How do you created an animation of your vertex color map? I just cannot recreate your case. Or you use any new Max feature, or another plugin?

Also if possible send me please your scene file.



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Ok, now I understand your idea. Yes, to do this we must add a new Affect parameter: "Vertex color" for the Surface distributor.

But you can solve this problem without using the vertex color map. Use any other procedural texture or animated bitmaps, and then you will be able to influence to the parameter "Instanced geometry -> Current time".

Please see my example...

At first I influenced to the path length, then from the length I influenced to the Current time.




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Hi Eduard, sorry it took me a while to get back to this.

Download worked but I am still on growfx 1.6.0. Your file is newer. Any chance this can be converted into 1.6.0?

If not, nevermind. Maybe you can give me a short description of what you did.




-- EDIT: Nevermind, 1.7.0 is my current version now!

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