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Texturing workflow


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sorry if this is a noob request but could anybody give a brief overview about his/her texturing workflow?


What I got: My growfx-model, then I grabbed my cam and took many photos off the desired tree (mostly the bark).

Would you unwrap the parts, render the uv and work in photoshop? I know there are many possibilities inside growfx too, and I really like the "hybrid" solution of combining vertext colour and a greyscale bitmaps but the seems of my textures are still visibile, I've read you can offset the uv. Would this help to hide the seems? Or do you guys use seemless textures?

And which maps do I need to get the best result? I got bitmap2material so I could produce many maps off my photos.

Diffuse, bump, displace, (reflect? ao?)...?




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For maps I would say it depends upon which renderer you are using. For Corona I get by with just diffuse, glossiness (plants are dielectric so no metalic component), and normal from B2M. You might also need a translucency map for the leaves ( you might need to make this in photoshop, I am not sure if this can be made in B2M)


For the most part You can just use vertex colors and material ids and seamless textures to get what you need.


Unwraping doesn't appear to be supported within the framework of growFX. You can add it as a modifier but that can be tricky if animation is involved. For most trees the surfaces don't require anything specific enough to justify unwrapping and painting in a program like Mari or substance painter. 

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Hello ptrain,


thank you :) I use vray. I looked at different plant models (laubwerk, archmodels etc.) and they use often different maps but after I tested a bit for myself I dont really see a reason to use many different (reflect, refract, refl. gloss. refr. gloss, highlight gloss...).

Guess the most important factor for the choice of maps is, how close you see the plant.

Yeah I try to work without unwrapping, I like the growfx uv mapping I think I just put more effort into my textures and I'll experiment with the growfx multimap I want the mossy textures at the bottom of the trunk :rolleyes:




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