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Grape vine tree bark


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Hello, I'm trying to create a detailed grape vine tree. The general shape is mostly ok, but I'm struggling trying to replicate the appearence of the main trunk bark. 

In attachment you can see a photo of the bark with splinters that I would like to create.

I tried to use the copy direction modifier attached to the main trunk, the problem is that I can't manage to use the radial offset, because the trunk has a custom graph that control the radius of the mesh. (see attachment)


Any idea to solve this problem?









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You could try using a second GrowFX object for the bark that uses a surface distributor on the trunk of the main GrowFX object. This may be a better way to get an even density over the trunk if the radius varies quite a lot. (Make sure you have convert to mesh = ON in your preferences panel for the main GrowFX object, otherwise it will not generate a mesh that the second GrowFX object can be distributed over.)


See this Tutorial for some more info on using the SURFACE DISTRIBUTOR



Hope this helps :)



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