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Offset Affects Question

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Not sure this is a bug in GFX or a problem with my thinking:


I want to have the Distributor Offset affect the Path Length (so those offset less are tall and those offset more are shorter like in a clump of grass). But when I try this, all paths are getting an equal length regardless of their individual offset:


Path_01 >

Point Distributor [count:90, offset:4, offsetChaos:30] {offset:affects:Path_o1->Length}


Should the affect with a curve multiple cause the length of the paths to change the further they are from the distribution point? That isn't what I'm seeing, but what I'd expect. Am I wrong about what to expect?


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Hi wallworrm,


I have attached a couple of examples of how to achieve what you you want. One example is using the path distributor & the other one is using a path position distributor.

The path distributor has a second affects link which uses a graph to offset the child path based on it's position along the parent path. This example is much quicker to setup as it uses only one distributor, whereas the path position example needs multiple positions that have to be entered manually.


Hope this helps




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