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Wind Loop Period not as shown

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Hi All,


Has anyone else encountered a problem where the identified period of a loop is not the actual looping point? I have been scratching my head over this for a few days and gotten to the point where I think the stiffness value is having something done to it before it is fed into the equation. I have already worked back to the equation that generates the displayed period (which I then found in a forum post)..


Leaving other variables at 1 for simplicity, I'm finding that changing the stiffness value results in loops as below:


Stiffness         Period        Actual Period

0.5                  5                ~15 (give or take a few ticks)

1                     10              30

2                     20              ~32

3                     30              ~39

4                     40              50

5                     50              ~58

6                     60              ~68


And so on. I've found there is a decreasing value which approaches 1 as the stiffness value increases. But that's about where my ability to pull this apart ends. The difference factor I have found does plot a pretty neat curve [3, 1.6666, 1.3333, 1.25, 1.17, 1.141667], but I can't quite bring it into something I can use to predict the actual period.


If there's any suggestions out there, I'm all ears. (incidentally, GrowFX version: 1.9.9 sp2)


Kind Regards,


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Hi DSimmonds,


Yes, you're right, there is some inaccuracy. This is due to the fact that you've the System unit scale = 1 meter, and if you make your scene with System unit scale = 1 cm or 1 inches, then the problem will be solved.
Please see my example: WindLoop_GrowFX_TestScene_2.max
Of course, we'll try to solve this issue programmatically.
Thanks for your bug report!
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