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Branches parallel to the ground


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Hi all,


New in GrowFX and have a lot of questions. A general question : is there documentation, a help file or something to read what each parameter does?

Off we go with some specifics. I'm trying to create an olive tree. I want the main branches to be parallel to the ground and basically facing up.

I create a short and wide trunk, put a path position distributor at 95% of the length and put 4 branches that use random direction and noise to grow. But some of them start to grow towards the ground and I want to restrict them to either grow parallel or upwards.  The same goes to the next level of branches. Some of them may go down for a little bit but the main idea is for everything to "look" upwards. How can I do that?


Kind regards,


*** I may have placed the post in the wrong category. It probably belongs in the technical questions category.... and you do not need to answer the documentation question. I've found it where it was supposed to be... :)

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Hi Talos,


Can you show me a photo of the tree that you want to create?
You must use the Random direction with caution because it can greatly change the direction of growth. I recommend using the Vector direction and Vector orientation direction for the correct orientation of the branches, as well as the Noise direction...
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As Eduard mentioned- The random direction modifier will probably make them go where you don't want them. This can be controlled by putting another modifier [The object reaction modifier] after the random direction.

If for example your trunk is 2 meters high & your branches start at the top, set up a object reaction modifier that uses a ground plane [use a GrowFX helper plane] & input a value into the Object reaction modifier. This will force the branches to stay at least 2 meters away from the ground.


That may seem confusing to a new user so I did a quick example to help you understand it easier :) File is Max 2010




Olive-Object React example.zip

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Thanks guys,


I will work on the model over the weekend if I find some time and post back any update. I don't have a reference photo at the moment (maybe I should). The plan is to create some olive trees by the end of the summer so I can learn GrowFX so I will go out with my camera and capture some textures and reference when I get the time. At the moment I'm here :




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