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Combining Texture maps/materials


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Hi Eduard,

Hope you're well,


I have been doing a lot of research again lately & I have come across an issue that I am trying to solve. :( I have used a UV unwrapped mesh for the trunk & would like to put a tileable bitmap inside the Trunk texture for the GrowFX cylinder mesh to use.

Is there a way to get the cylinder mesh to use just a certain part of a bitmap?? I have tried using the tile & offset value of the cylinder mesh but I can't seem to get it right, probably because my maths is really terrible. My tileable section of the bitmap is exactly 25% the width of the entire bitmap.

I was thinking it would be great to have the bitmap crop tool for the cylinder mesh as an option in the future


This would be a really great thing to achieve as it can make using the tree materials much quicker as there would only be one material instead of 2 or more.

I have attached an image to help explain.


Thanks for your time




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Hi Jaime,


Couldn't you just use the cropping tools in the standard "bitmap" map ? It sounds like it has the functionality you are looking for already. You would still need multiple materials but you could use just one texture map.


Hope it helps :)

Thanks PTrain but I am looking for a solution that is not max specific as this puts limits on where the models can be used.

I am also starting to make real-time trees/plants & it's absolutely  imperative to have it all in one map & one material.

Having a crop tool in GrowFX would also give more realism as you could use use multiple texture maps in the one bitmap. I have already suggested this for the leaf mesh as it would be even more awesome to have it in that as well.


You wouldn't need to change anything about the current UV mapping in GrowFX, just the implementation of cropping the bitmap prior to the usual UV mapping.




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