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The game "Inner Noise" (WIP). Using GrowFX in gamedev.


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I am developing a game called "Inner Noise" on the Unreal Engine 4. In the story, the player will be most of the time in the forest, so it was decided to pay special attention to the plants. GrowFX is the only software for plant simulation, in which I can achieve the desired level of realism. Through the use of LOD manages to retain a reasonable number of polygons in the scene, and as a consequence, a high fps. (Translated in Google)



post-561-0-92473800-1463912520_thumb.jpg post-561-0-84477800-1463912650_thumb.jpg post-561-0-78246000-1463912670_thumb.jpg post-561-0-97417900-1463912681_thumb.jpg post-561-0-58819000-1463913231_thumb.jpg

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Well done! Looks great. So much better looking trees than what I have seen in games, especially anything made with Speedtree.


It would be awesome if you could give us some general info on the final poly counts of the trees & their Lod




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