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Set position for Leaves during animation

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For a growth animation I'm doing, I have an animated Stem that Leaves grow out of. The Stem goes up quite high, and the problem I'm having is that as the Stem continues growing, the position of the leaves changes; the move upwards together with the Stem. It seems like their position is set by a percentage value instead of a set value, so as the Stem grows the leaves sort of travel up along it. 


Is there a way to get the leaves to stay in the exact position they are created instead of moving up along the Stem as it grows?

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There's actually another problem I'm having, which is that there are several Stems emitting from the same plane (as part of the same GrowFX object), and I would like them to grow at different speeds. I have added some chaos length which results in them ending up different heights, but I would like them to obviously grow at different speeds from the very beginning. Is there a good way of doing this?


Thanks again!

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