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Simulation L-System


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Hi Eduard,


Is it possible to add L-System simulated for "Path position distributor",  "Path position distributor" just a very simple parallel rewriting system now, it can just add one rule at the same positions, just like below ( Branch is defined as "A"):

You will see "Path position distributor" can just simulated itself, it flow the rule A→AA

But we can custom lots of rules with L-System. You can reference these links below:




This function will offer more customizable for GrowFX



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If you add two position and set them "Positions %" to 100, the only parameter you can control just  "Angle Axis", unless you set this two position the different "Positions %" and control them through "Parameter:Path position"


Random can't offer a accurate control. 


Let me quote a  example of L-System




In this example, we define two variables( A, B ) and two rules (A → AB), (B → A)


A and B can set different parameter ( such as length, bend angle ) ,   and A can derive A and B , B just can derive A , this can't realized in GrowFX,

because GrowFX just has one rule (A → AA) , the different is GrowFX can offer some random settings, but the level that derived from A still himself (A) 

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