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Problem with Spline Direction messing up topology

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I'm animating a growing plant, partly by using the "Spline Direction" direction modifier for some curvature. This particular modifier is causing me some trouble however. Because of the spline it seems to be completely ignoring the Steps distance and instead adds in topology wherever it seems to calculate it's needed, mostly where and when the path curves. This means that since the curve is animated the topology of the entire path mesh changes throughout the entire animation.


The problem with this is that when the branches appear the topology changes underneath them, meaning they jump around a lot as it recalculates the new topology beneath them.


Is there a way to normalize the steps when using a Spline Direction modifier so that the topology stays more or less the same?



(I attached a video clip where you can see the branch jump, and two pictures with the topology.)



Thank you for your help!




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Hi Klirret,


We can add a new modifier called Override Steps, and you can apply it after Spline direction modifier. It will work like Override steps option in the Cylinder and Meta mesh builders...
I think it will be a quick solution for this problem.
Also please send me this animated model, for testing the new modifier.
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Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I couldn't find an Override Steps modifier, but I did check the Override Steps checkbox in the Mesh Builder menu. That did solve the topology issue, but for some reason there is still some jumpy glitching. 


Does this work differently than the Override Steps Modifier? I'm working with version 1.9.9. Is the Override Steps modifier part of a later version? 


I'm attaching the scene so you can take a look!


Thank you!



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Hi Klirret,


Because the Override Steps modifier has not yet been developed :)
Of course, the Override steps option in the mesh settings only changes the mesh topology, but it doesn't change the topology of the paths, as a result, you can't solve the problem.
I'll let you know as soon as we add this modifier in GrowFX...
Thanks for the scene file!
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