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Different colour leaf front & back with Vray

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Hi guys,


I've just started experimenting with this great plugin, so I know I'm probably missing something obvious here, but I can't seem to create leaves that have different colours on their front and back (see image attached). I'm a vray user - used to using Vray2Sided Mats for leaf translucency. Is this a geometry issue or a material issue? Here is a basic test render & leaf mesh properties attached too. - as you can see I can't get the purple back to show.


Thanks a mil,





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Awesome thanks. I also lowered the translucency to a darker grey (as suggested by 3DMK) and it's definitely looking better. There are some issues I need to fix with intersecting leaves and strange 'angle across' features, but other than that am quite happy for a first try.


Thanks for the help!!


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Awesome thanks. Having a look at it now. I also changed my paths and distributors to something similar after sending you my file - it works much better. And good to see use of the Object React modifier - I was using the Object Slice one instead :huh: 


This plugin is really fun. I think I prefer creating plants to architecture at the moment! 

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