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GrowFX 1.9.9 SP1 Released


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Hi Everyone,

GrowFX 1.9.9 (Service Pack 1) is now available.
What's new:

+ Added a new option Aligned Local Vector for the Vector Orientation modifier;
+ Improved the Wind Animation modifier:

+ Added a new feature Looping animation;
+ Added a new parameter Strength factor in the Axial rotation group;
+ Added a new parameter Angle Strength in the Orientation for leaves group;

+ Added the Invert lines button in the Eraser modifier;
+ Many bugs are fixed.

Some examples and screenshots:
The Aligned Local Vector in the Vector Orientation modifier:

If use the Local Vector, the result will be as follows:


Improved the Wind Animation modifier:



The Looping animation feature:
For example, the Period = 50, then you can compare the frames 0 and 50, the trunk and branches should be identical. You can also compare for example frames 10 and 60, they should also be the same. 
Accordingly, for recording cache or proxy, you must use frames 0 ... 49, or 10...59, etc.
To change the Period value you can customize the following settings: StiffnessScale Frequency, or the Wind Speed in the fan settings. If you changed any value, to fully update the period value click the Update button to recalculate the model, or just move the time slider.
To create a looping animation of the tree, you must determine the total period of the loop. For example, it will be 200 frames. Then adjust the wind of the trunk so that its period is equal to 200. For other paths, adjust the period value is equal to a multiple of 200, for example 100, 50, 25, 10, 5, etc. Ie for the branches, Period = 100 or 50, etc. For the leaves, you can set the Period = 10 or 5.
Also, please don't use the animation of the wind speed, or other parameters, and don't use the Perturb options in the wind object settings.
Please see some examples:




Test looped animation:





The Eraser modifier:

The Invert lines button allows you to invert the list of erased lines. This can be useful if you want to erase all the branches except for a few.





Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.


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I have notice one thing, and that the looping have problems with FPS different from 30. I cant get to work looping tree with fps 24. Maybe its because I use aftermesh wind modifier?


Yes, recently we've fixed this bug, and now I can send you an update... What is your 3ds Max version?


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Hello Eduard.


We just purchased Growfx for out studio. Awesome product. Is there any chance of getting the perturb functions integrated into looping? Even if that increases the looping range. We're getting more natural movement when perturbed is turned on. Thanks.


Hello hmaximore,


Unfortunately this is impossible, because the Perturb functions uses a 3D Noise function, which does not have any looping range.
I'm not sure, but you can try to animate the wind speed and/or wind direction, maybe with a certain repeats, and try to find a new looping range.
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