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UVW mapping on metamesh


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I made a tree using the Path Reaction modifier

5 trunks folowing in a spiral way another trunk (that has the spline direction)

Because I wanted the main trunk to look like is made from big vein like structure.

If you understand what I mean, like an old tree.


I don't know if I could do it in another way, as I purchased it few days ago and is my 1st try.


The problem is that because there are more than 1 trunks that made the final, through the Meta Mesh, the UVW that are created is a mess.

Is there anyway to properly uvw map it?


Keep in mind that I need this trunk to be able to animate.

If I didnt want it to be animatable I could made the whole trunk in zbrush.


Or is there any way to metamesh but to make it look old (without displacement)?


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I found a way to remade the trunk without all these path follow modifiers.

I didn't notice that the displacement tab in the metamesh section was like the displacement modifier.

So I used an image to change the shape.


But still I am wondering if there is a solution to the problem above.


When we have many metameshed trunks together How can we apply UVW to them?

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hmm, not sure.


could you make a cache file of the animation

then use edit poly modifier to detatch the meta meshed parts (should all be just one object)

then you could use an unwrap uvw modifier.

then re-attach 


It shouldn't change your polycount so the cache should still work (I think)


I am about to have to figure this out this week as well. I have to paint some detail in mari. It is a little easier for me though. I don't need animation.


a quick note:


If you are going to use metamesh always make sure your faces are as large as possible while still keeping good form.It will save you lots of calculation time, and if you have to unwrap it will make things easier for you.


hope it helps !


     If I can come up with anything else as i am working this week I will be sure to post.

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Most of the work I've ever done with GFX I've always used the Cylinder mesh instead of metamesh but this week have spent a lot of time using metamesh . I'm constantly coming up with a problem similar to the OP. It seems that metamesh UVW only works well when there are no direction modifiers. As soon as you apply some direction modifiers, the metamesh UVWs go all wonky. While I'd expect there to be visible seams where metameshes stitch into children, I wouldn't expect the UVs to be so problematic along each path. To see what I mean, make one GFX with a twist modifier and a Cylinder mesh, then clone that GFX but change the cylinder mesh to a meta mesh. The cylinder UVS is usable right away, but the metamesh UVs are often skewed and stretched in very awkward ways.


Any advice on getting metamesh UVs to be more friendly?

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