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length driven modifiers


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This is a test image from a new workflow I am trying out. I am driving the initial branch lengths using their path position then using their lengths to drive most of the subsequent branches properties. The idea is to end up with a very minimal amount of graph work to change the form of the tree while keeping the architecture realistic and consistant.




I am using these for a personal project. Hopefully it will be done in a few weeks and I will be able to post some decent final renders for you guys.

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Thanks Jamie :)


I was trying to come up with a way to emulate the effects of weight on branch formation, And since there is no "weight" parameter, I figure the weight of the branch could be approximated by its length. Your absolutely right. GrowFX is a relatively small program but even 4 years in It still surprises me with its capabilities on a regular basis. 

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Hmm, it's looks like L-system in Houdini. I worked with L-systems before, but GrowFX is much easier and faster.


In L-systems you can write complex rules to describe any plant but sometimes it's very hard task...


I also use "length" parameter to affect on gravity, angles, density and etc. I will upload animation of grow of Tilia Cordata which controlled only by main trunk's length. There are many relations between different parametrs... I'm awiting when GrowFX 2.0 with node-based workflow :) It will be more flexible and powerful!


Animation test...



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Nice ! 


I love how the branches sag as they get longer, really cool to see this animated. I will try tying back to the trunk growth next time. That seems like a better approach. Thanks for the help :)


Before I bought GrowFX I messed with L systems a little, but It was too hard for me. 


You are right, The node based workflow is going to make growFX work really fast and even more enjoyable. Can't wait !

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