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Tilia Cordata (Linded or Basswood tree, Липа Сердцелистная)


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Thnx! I used opacity on leaves and seeds/flowers to reduce polygon size :) 9 meter tall Tilia Cordata has about 1,2 million of polygons. But I have detailed geometry of leaves with with "angle across map" displacement. Simple model with planar leaves has about 600K polygons.

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the twig structure looks like a near perfect match.


     I looked at a few of these online. In many of the images the angle bend of the 1st branching path appears to decrease as it makes its way up the trunk. I think the angle change starts around the midpoint of the trunk. Your path 1 angle bend looks like it stays the same until the top 20% of the tree or so. I could be wrong though. There seems to be allot of variation in that tree species.


really nice maps ! which program did you use to make them ? I have been using Allegorithmic's "Bitmap to Material" quite a bit lately for foliage maps and the results turn out pretty nice. 


Great looking work as always :)

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Work is still in progress, tweaking animation and adding new shapes - espaliers, spherical, trimmed, wild and etc.


I used only photo references and photoshop to make textures. Perhaps I will make a short tutorial how I did thi tree :)


Textures of leaf and flowers:




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