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animated vray proxies

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First off I just want to say GrowFX is a brilliant piece of software.


I just wanted to check to see if I was making vray proxies correct. I constructed a tree with GrowFX and added a 200frames of wind animation. The tree was about 1,000,0000polys (quite alot I know, but it looks great. I then coverted it directly to a Vray proxy. This process took about 3 to 4hrs and the proxy ended up being about 4GB. It works fine but the file size seems to be excessive. I'm not worried to much about the time it took but more the file size


Am I doing something wrong or is this correct?


My machine specs are Quadcore with 12GB Ram

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Hi Jamie,


I think that here everything is correct.

Try to convert your tree to an editable mesh, then create a proxy object. As a result, you get a file of your model for 1 frame. Then multiply this file size to 200 frames, what you get?




Thank you, that makes sense! I am happy with that.


Once again great product.

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