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umqua bank project


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i am happy to announce that the project we and the team worked for many months on is finaly been released!it was a pleasure and a great experiance to be part of this.all the plants and the growth of everything has been done by me and another artist!it was a tuff one workinf on all shots with just 2 growfx artists :-)but we pulled this job off quite well i would say!feel free to check it out!i am sure you will love it!


and thx also to eduard that has been a great support on this task!thx man!

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Here is the link to the post, It's just in the general topics section, but it is a good place to get your work seen.


 You guys also might check out cgpress.org and see about posting the work there. I have seen quite a few video projects similar to what you guys have done featured there. I am not sure what the process is for getting work featured there, but It would be another good way to get this work in front of people. 

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