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training video in english


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mini rant...but honestly..i want to use this software but it's VERY frustrating so far.



Observation: it doesn't matter how cool/amazing your plugin is if there's no decent introduction video tutorial with english soundtrack to help new users understand how to use the software?...they just get annoyed and uninstall the plugin...it's really that simple...


It's not good enough to have a silent video with some idiot waggling the mouse pointer...like we KNOW what  he's on about..we don't.


I want to know how to make this for example:



I have a client who needs this exact type of thing so if i can get my head around how to do this..i'll buy the plugin and bill him the cost


it's really simple





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Greetings Cresshead :)


Do you have an image of the plant you are trying to create/grow ? 


The idea would be to connect all of your parameters back to the length of your initial path, so you are adjusting one slider to grow your plant. 


I will dig out my microphone and try to record something for you this afternoon,if Eduard does not have something already made.





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it just needs to be a generic plant as the product i'm working on is a kitchen growing system so customers would grow herbs, lettuce, tomatoes and chillies

I just need to show the seedlings growing in the tiny pots


I'm working on a 3d product animation


something along similar lines to the stop frame video i saw on youtube


and this example too (3d animation at end)


any video guidance would be excellent.


thank you!

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For some reason the link here didn't show up. To find the tutorial on Youtube just search "editablepauly". It is the only video there. I can also send you the plant file tomorrow.


It is a little longer than I had hoped.  I assumed no prior knowledge and I had to touch on a few critical grow FX procedures to get us to final product,  





I hope it is useful to you :)


I am new to video tutorials (this is my first one) so let me know what you think.





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No Problem :)


Thanks for posting the link, for some reason it kept trying to insert the video into my post, so I just had a big blank spot, weird.


If you think of anything else you would like to see tutorialized just let me know.


I would also suggest a quick read of the help files as you are learning. It is very thorough and covers every single button. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to read in total. 


Have fun !



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okay..well followed you video..thank you!
...would not have been able to get this far without it!
Got a first draft result following your excellent training..the U.I is hard to pick up but does make sense the more you use it

currently looks a bit cone shaped...need to add more chaos to the general shape and distribution the the overall shape of the plant
but..it work...also added a wind modifier to give it that time-lapse look as it grows.

this plugin could do with a few presets shipping with it...would make getting into it less of a vertical learning curve!
does the commercial version (not the demo) ship with a set of max scenes to load and study?

it certainly does the job but feels more like a plugin that also happens to make plants rather than be designed to create plants if you see what i mean by the layout
of the panels.

still..pretty happy with what i have right now...will see what the client says next ..if it's GO then i'll buy the plugin as i need 7 plants in the scene as the demo only support 1 plant.
thanks for the help...might be back later asking about flowers blooming fruit!
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Looks good :) ! The wind is a nice touch. 


I think the UI is probably the most common complaint I see around forums. I believe GrowFX 2 is going to be a node based modeller, so hopefully things will be a little more intuitive. 

The commercial version doesn't ship with any presets per se, but There are a number of free plants available on the forum and in the downloads section of the site. If you are looking for specific examples just post what you are trying to do and you will generally get a pretty detailed answer, if not a modeled example.  


I will put a few more tutorials on my youtube channel this weekend on growing plants. I went back and watched a few more growth timelapse videos and I want to see if I can emulate some of the behaviors I observed a little more realistically. 


Have a good one,



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