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animation problem

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So because I'm using corona render I have to use to point cache method. The way I did it is to put the wind animation in the after mesh modifier. After that turn on convert to mesh in the pref. parameters add an point cache on top of that. Click New save it as pc2. That worked with no problem. 


But when I play it on the timeline I get weird animation on couple of frames for the tree (see pic). I tried saving it with the other file type (XML) and somehow max only record the 100 first frames. So I dunno how to fix this




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We've investigated your tree, and have not found the cause of this behavior in the Point Cache. I'm a bit optimized your tree, and the problem has disappeared. I increased the Face Size in all Cylinder meshes, it has reduced the total number of polygons.

I also recommend to apply the Wind modifiers into After Mesh Modifiers. See the attached file: whitebirch_1.max

There I left only one tree. Other you can adjust in a similar way.



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