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Hi Eduard,

After some recent R&D work to try & achieve more realism, I found that lots of texture variation was very important.
Although it's easy to get variation in the geometry with GrowFX, I found that the UV mapping & texture tools could benifit from a new texture-atlas feature that would help get lots of texture variation quickly & easily.
The problem is that if you have a lot of different bitmaps for variation then you need to have lots of unique materials which is really slow to tweak/change anything. It would be great to have a feature that automatically chopped the bitmap into into individual crops based on user input.
That way you could instantly have a huge amount of variation quickly and easily, with only one material to tweak/change. I know the GrowFX Multimap
does this to some degree but you still need to load each map individually. I think it would be more ideal to have the process Automatic, especially if you
have 20+ different leaves.
I have made an image to explain my idea better [Please see attached]





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