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How to animate forest pack grass with GrowFX?

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I have make a some grass animation using GrowFX. Now I am trying to animate ForestPack grass with this GrowFX wind grass animation but I can't do this.

I was following this tutorial below. I have done all things shown in this tutorial video.




After doing this I think tutorial is not complete tutorial. I enabled follow geometry option as show in this tutorial but nothing happend. I want to do like this which is showing in the tutorial. Please help me to animate ForestPack grass with GrowFX.


I am using these versions of softwares:

3ds Max 2013

Forest Pack 1.6

GrowFX 1.9.8 SP3(DEMO)


I am waiting for your answer. Please help...............


Image for more information is here on this link:


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I checked GrowFX 1.9.8 SP3 (Demo) with Forest Pack Pro v4.4.1 (latest version), and everything works fine!

Maybe Forest Pack 1.6 works differently, but now I can't verify this.

Maybe you need to turn on the "Convert to Mesh" in the GrowFX Preference parameters. But this option is not available in the demo version...
Please try to use Forest Pack Pro latest version...
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Thanks for reply and your useful effort. Now the problem solved.

I had not selected custom object in the Geometry panel of the Forest Pack. Now I have selected object to growFX animating object. This task was invisible from the tutorial That's why I was confuse about to place connection between GrowFx object and Forest Pack Object.


Image is here For more information:



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