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graphics driver crash

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We're using ExLevel for about 2 months now. Everything seemed to work fine and we're really happy with the product. 


Recently we're having some issues with driver crashes concerning our graphical cards (Geforce Titan). It only seems to happen when we're working with Exlevel, in the midst of a WIP progress.


The screen will go black, then it flickers back on, with the windows popup message window saying our graphics driver just crashed and recovered. However the 3dstudio max window is frozen and we have no other option then to force-quit the software through taskmanager.


Is it possible Exlevel is somewhere making our graphical card crash? We're not exceeding the limit or anything, it just seems to somewhere bug out and kill our graphics-driver.


Any thoughts?





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I have to appologise, it's not the plugin appearantly, it's something that was running simultaniously with 3dsmax within my chrome internet browser, it's the Yola-website builder, there's something there screwing with my graphics driver, java or what have you... Still trying to figure out what exacly, but not grow fx, appologies :))

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