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3dsmax to zbrush workflow


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you can use an edit poly modifier to separate the part out that you want to sculpt then export it as an obj. when you re import it comes back into the scene in the same place. you could also use an unwrap modifier on the part of the tree you want to sculpt then separate it and export it then sculpt and make displacment maps.


It can be done, but is a little clunky. It would be allot easier if there was a way to use the unwrap modifier within growfx so you wouldn't need to add modifiers. It would also be nice for texture painting in mari or 3d coat. I am not sure if this feature has been requested, but it seems like a good addition.


hope it helps :)

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Thanks for the member ptrain03's answer, it's helpful and useful.

I usually make the low/high poly version 3ds max, then a detail pass performed in zbrush., add surface details (using layers to keep it non-destructive), decimate the finished model, then export it for baking in substance painter.
I use a mouse with 3ds max, and use a xp-pen deco pro drawing pad for things like Photoshop, substance painte and Zbrush. it's great for freehand drawing.

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