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For a tree or other standalone plant, doing the regular convert to mesh in 3dsmax is fine, but for a GrowFX object that represents many plants it's not ideal. I would suggest a feature that does the following:


1) You press "Extract Mesh" button

2) You choose a Path and it's Distributor. If the distributor has a parent (like a Path Distributor), the parent is discarded in the result.

3) You're shown how many objects you'll get (ie. how many paths this Distributor creates).

4) You press ok, and GrowFX creates a mesh in the scene with the name pattern:


5) Each object has it's pivot at the start point of the path, and it's orientation is either the same as the original GrowFX object or derived from the vector of the path. Maybe the orientation is an option in the dialog at step (2).


I've needed something like this a few times, but the worst was yesterday when I made some hanging plants over balconies, and wanted to export individual pieces to proxies, and after converting to mesh (40+ million triangles!), selecting the polygons to detach was a monumentally time consuming task!

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