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mesh builder - fixed topology


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Hi, would it be possible to add a feature that would give you the option to have a fixed topology on a mesh builder? Like the cylinder mesh for example.


When animating with changing topology its hard to get correct motionblur. And also I was trying to export a growing trunk as alembic and then importing it and using that trunk as a surface distributor. But, as you might guess, it didnt work very well. The paths jumps around all over the mesh on every frame due to the changes in topology.


Hope I make sense...



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Yes, sorry, I meant the trunk individually.


Basically i would like to grow stuff, like pieces of bark, on a trunk. So I figured that this feature would enable me to do that. I would export the trunk as alembic and then use that as a surface distributor... I don't know... Maybe Im crazy. Right now, with changing topology I know it doesn't work.


Maybe you can add a feature that enables the user to grow stuff on a growing mesh without having to export and what not? Keeping it parametric.


If there already is another way to achieving this please let me know.


Thanks for an already awesome plugin!


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Hi Andreas,


Maybe instead of the Surf Distr use the Path Distributor?
See the attached file: BarkOnTheTrunk_1.max
There I set the Offset = 1 for the Bark, then I copied the radius graph of the trunk to the Factor graph in the settings: Bark > PathDistr_01 > Parameter: Path position: [bark->PathDistr_01->Offset]...
I think in this case, we have more control over the pieces of bark.
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