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Carribean Divi divi tree


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Hello guys, I'm new on this forum. I bought growfx two days ago and start fiddling around to get the hang of it. Right now im busy creating an carribean tree (Divi divi). This is what I have till now and im very happy with it atm. :)


Some ref: http://www.lago-colony.com/ARUBA_REUNION_1977_GENE/1977-AR-12%20Hooiberg,%20divi%20divi,%20Mother,%20I.jpg





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Thnks..but im stuck with some problems.


first one how to close the cap for the branches..cause now they r open at the end.


second I want to remove the leaves on the bottom of the trees,,so u only see branches at bottom and leaves at the top.. I tried with object slice on the leaves path but it isnt doing nothing ( just like this https://www.flickr.com/photos/34147195@N04/galleries/72157623440974486/#photo_2288953351 divi divi tree)


and last one how to convert it to a mesh..so i can export it to another scene etc..the only thing I did so far was converting it into a proxy save it on another name so I wont lose the original.

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Thnks I found  the problem with the object slice..it was all about how u stack the layers.i just had to move it on top and it worked just fine..but I still see the tree u tweaked that the branches r missing the cap at the end. Is there anyway to close those gap at the end?

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