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Better wind movement for leaves

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I have followed the tutorials and find the wind animations quite limiting. Maybe I'm missing something but the leaves can't be setup as if the wind is passing across them from a direction, instead the wind seems to affect all of them at the same time.


Any help would be appreciated.


edit: Ok, it seems you can from the tutorials but ive tried applying the same methods to the palm tree example and cannot seem to link anything to the wind factor. The tutorials seem to use an older version of growFX.

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Maybe you forgot to set the "Random time" in the "Affect factor" rollout?


Random time - this parameter makes the random offset in time on a definite magnitude. This parameter is used for animation, particularly for creating chaos movements (for example, wind animation).


Yes, these video tutorials are used an older GrowFX version, but regarding to creating wind animation, there was no changes.


If you cannot configure this animation, please send your model, and we'll help you.



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