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Metamesh question


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As you are on line, could you tell me if there is a way to avoid branches to interpenetrate ?

At the moment there is not good solution for this, and you can try the PathReaction modifier, but I'm not sure that it will work fine.


Can you give us a taste of Growfx 2.0 ?

Growfx 2.0 is not ready yet. There's still a lot of work to complete this version. But I hope in the late spring or early summer, it will be released.



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Hi, I am the creator of SplineBrancher. Depending on the level of interest in the script, I have a solution planned for multiple branches from a single point using my current system. However, as I am primarily an artist rather than a coder, and have other obligations, it would likely be some time before I could implement it.


If the developers at Exlevel would be interested in some sort of collaboration to improve our respective tools, I am certainly open to the idea!

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When I said "single point" I meant "single point of intersection between a branch and a parent branch". A shape like the one you have illustrated above is a different sort of creature, but similar results can still be achieved using quads, as demonstrated by simply extruding faces on a poly object like below. (Because this example is built from a sphere the results are very obviously regular, but by starting with more organic geometry that does not have to be the case.)


SplineBrancher builds its own geometry from scratch but the rules it follows are intended to give the "cleanest" (most optimal) results. Obviously users can add their own imperfections after the mesh is generated to give the model a more natural look.


I think that there are situations in which a meta mesh approach is a "better" solution, but others in which the combinations of functions that I use in SplineBrancher would be preferable.


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