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animated crack - variable strength causes movement

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Hello Eduard and others ;) !


There is an issue I run in while animating "Cracks".


I am using direction modifiers "Noise_dir" to keep it natural (even if the client maybe will prefer straight lines, then the problem would be gone..).

If I don't use variable "strength" parameter, then the animation is just fine, but the branches won't start from the "trunk" immediately but randomly offset.

If I use variable "strength" parameter with a rising curve, then all branches start from where they should, but animating the tree-crack this parameter seems to scale to the length of the actual branch - so every crack is changing its shape while growing. The same is true for children branches, the start to jitter as the parent branch changes.

This would be no problem for a real (timelapse) growing tree or plant, but in my case a grown crack (inside of a rock for instance) can never change its shape.


Is anyone aware of a quick solution? I hope I could be clear enough to describe my problem.

I attached a test file with a Trunk and four child branches. Inside of B_01 I disabled the "Strength" graph of the Noise_dir modifier, the others have the graph enabled. You can quickly see the issues an differences.

I tried to lower "Step" size continously as there are similar issues when the steps are to large.






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Thanks Eduard!


Sorry for the "bloat", I sent the wrong file - that one before removing hidden stuff ;)


I am not sure whether I geht the point, or if you did understand me right. I see the same problem in your file..?


Anyway, I will use an older file with reduced noise without gradually "Strength" and deal with noise in the next days. For my preview that has to be finished it will last ;)


Thanks a lot for your great support!



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