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Thanks for your suggestion and link, but I think that for the complex trees will be a lot of bones, and calculate it will be very difficult. Also, why there use other scripts? :unsure:


We'll soon begin to develop a new subsystem to create a wind animation, where you can easily customize the wind of tree. :) And I hope that we make it so that the calculation will be very quickly (without recalculating mesh ;) ).



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>>Also, why there use other scripts?


there are several advantages if i don't need a plugin to open a scene. especially for freelancer that often have to pass their work on to other people.

it could even be exported to other 3d packages.



i just tried with about 500 bones and the animation played realtime here. but not sure how well this would do on a big tree with 1000s of leaves. anyway i'm not going to rig a tree with so many leaves manualy just to find out :D

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it be interessting to see how max would handle such an animation.

anyway i'm not goint to create an animation like avatar where every leave in the forest is moving B)


also i'm not sure if animated leaves are always needed. i guess it would allready look good if the branches are moving. it it would be up to the animater to define how much detail he really needs.


anyway i think if someone wants to go crazy he would need to use speedtree. here is an example:



in that clip you can see that they used riging for animation too (and apex!). also they did not animate the leaves either and things looks very good in my opinion.



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