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modifier influence


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i't be of use if modifiers would have influence on the distributor path direction and not just the growfx icon.


here is a screenshot:



applied is a bend modifier. the growfx icon follows the modifier as it should but the distributor (green vertical line) remains in original place.


having modifiers take effect on the distributor path would be a plus but should be an optional option imo.



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thats not what i suggested.


i said that the distributor path should keep the same orientation/position just as the icon does and not remain at its origin.

i don't want the object to be modified (or only as an optional feature without having to convert to a mesh first)


gowfx could be bind to vertex position of a model and act as an extension.


for example if i need custom modelled flower shafts but want to use growfx to create the flower i could bind it to a vertex position on top of the shaft.

if i then want to animate movement with a modifiert the growfx path needs to follow the icon position/orientation and not remain in the origin position the path was created first.

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I think I see what you are saying, Growfx isn't affecting the actual path, it is affecting the resulting geometry. But if you turn off "display end result" in your stack you can have access to your grow fx object and make whatever changes you need then toggle it back.


I did a little test but I didn't attach anything. I just selected both objects and applied the bend modifier, it seems to work fine for something similar to the scenario you described, but it may not be what your looking for.


good luck,




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a yes i got it. if you do the settings in the right sequence it does work.

basically you need to disable "view line only" and set "convert to mesh checkbox" and as a last step apply the modifier. i found everything else would break the modifier influence. once set the mentioned checkboxes can not be unchecked or things go wrong. i had disappearing distributors. also the mesh could freeze and sometimes the mesh did not follow the icon anymore. to fix it again the modifier has to be deleted and reapplied.


kind of a hassle.


also if you don't want the modifier to influence the growfx itself and only orientation/position, like the icon it can't be done.


thanks for pointing into the right direction :)

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