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3 trunk white birch ( Betula papyrifera )


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Hi Massian!

Looking good in terms of volume and outline but I think it can be improved further. First thing is to add some more obvious specular reflections and vertex colorization to the leaves, they appear quite dull and uniform.

Is the geo for leaves bent in any direction? If not, it could help, although birch tree leaves are quite flat in reality as well.

I cant be sure but it seems the middle stem reaches the very top of the tree, I found it increases realism if the main trunk splits of into different sections at some point along the length, although there are of course trees like you did it.

Thirdly, I can see a texture tiling problem in the stems circumference, there is a brightness/detail disparity.





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hi benjamin,


youre right with what you say about specular.i was just so tired that i hit render last night.but i will improve this tree further.i ahve many different versions of the tree so this is just 1 of them and realy love the shape though.about the tiling i thought i had fixed it yesterday because i saw it.so apparently i didn't .will try the split trunk think as well.ach und danke wir koennen auch gern auf deutsch reden ;-)





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