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Spline Direction Mod not picking up spline animation

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I'm currently trying to use grow fx on an animated spline.  To do this I'm growing a controller spline down a hand animated spline by using the Spline Direction Mod.  


We have some hand animated vines and we want to add some secondary branshes and leaves using GrowFX.


The problem I'm getting is that the animation of the hand animated spline is only picked up by the Spline Direction mod when the spline is selected, and Max is set to modifier mode. If this isn't done then GrowFx uses the last frame the Spline Dir mod was turned on, or when the spline was last selected.


I can't see any way round this problem at the moment, and wondered if you guys had any ideas?


I've attached a file showing the problem we have.







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Hello Hugh,


You need to animate the object GrowFX too!

For some reason your spline looks like a non-animated object, accordingly GrowFX remains static.

I just added a little bit of animation:


Or you can animate any other parameter that doesn't give any effect. For example, the length of the path dummy...



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