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"levels" on distributors


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Is there a way to determine "when" a second level starts on a branch?


Right now I have to make branches longer for 2nd level to start branching, but i need it to happen sooner then it does at the moment.


For example: i need 2nd level branching after 15cms of branch, now it's doing it on 50+ cm branch



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I got that far actualy, thanks, i was worried i chose the wrong one because i seem to be unable to understand that pop up box


in that box:


When i select the start position, It does what you said, the branches start "2nd-levelling" sooner


However, to further control this feature with the parameters supplied, I'm getting lost...


Im entering random values between 0 and 10 in all the boxes to see if anything changes, but the only thing that changes something is the "Random Time" box when going from 0 to 1.


other then that i can enter values from 0 to 100000+ they don't seem to be doing anything in the viewport (i checked if manual update is off)

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I understand now.


So but as I'm trying to adjust the starting point of the second level of branches the first level will change starting position as well. So if I want only the second level of branches to change position I basicly need to make a new path :)


I was trying to not do this since the demo only has 5 paths to create ;)



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yeah i get the same thing when i use only 2 paths, i'm trying it on a 3rd one, there's something i'm missing... i'll look more into it tomorrow..


What behavior you want to get for the 3rd level?
For example: The 1st level starts from 0, the 2nd level starts from 15cm, the 3rd level also starts from 15cm. In this case, you just specify a Levels value = 3.
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I'm going to dig into the 2 files and the modified tree you sent back earlier first. I can probably understand what I'm doing wrong from those files. If I still don't understand after that I'll get back to you.


What I meant earlier was that when I do exacly what I see you do, I get the same results, but when doing it on a 3rd rank branch it doesn't work and i'm sure there's a reason, so i need to dig some more into the tree you modified cause it worked on that one..


so trunk (level 1) > branch (level 1) > branch (level 1 + level 2)

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