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Crash on creating "Meta Mesh"


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I was working on a project and made some trees with meta mesh as their "mesh builder" and they all work O.K. and I saved them both in Max and Gfx files. Now that I open one of them it crashes on building meta mesh phase. It does not matter if I open the Max file or load the preset file, it'll eventually crash. I should also mention that they all had displacement applied to them. Is there a way to get my preset back as I put lots of time in creating it or is there a way to disable meta mesh on load so I can avoid the crash and then I'll try to figure what went wrong and hopefully fix it. Btw, I've also sent the files to support via e-mail.

I'd appreciate any help.


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Hi Eduard,

If it's one of those time consuming bugs, I guess it's O.K. if it's left there. Because it happens very rarely and in fact it's the very first time that happened to me and apparently no one else has reported it yet. It shouldn't be of any concern unless it happens again.

It's nice if I could just get my preset back regardless of the bug, since I have a feeling that I can prevent it from happening again.

Just in case you needed some information; I'm assuming it's related to the displacement section of the meta mesh specially the scale graph.

Thank you so much for your support,


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Hi Ashkan,


We faced this problem in the file that you've posted here: http://exlevel.com/forum/index.php?/topic/477-meta-meshs-stop-stich-doesnt-work-as-expected/
So we need to fix the bug ASAP.
You can open your scene using the "Disable calculation" tool. To do this, click Start > All programs > Exlevel > GrowFX for 3dsMaxXXXX XX-bit > Disable calculation, then click Yes button. Then you can change the settings...
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We've found and fixed a bug in the "MetaMesh Vertex Color" module.
Your tree has used the Vertex Color settings in the MetaMesh, and for some reason, this defect hasn't manifested itself before.
If you want to get an update, please let me know and I'll send you by email.

Thanks again for your bug report!

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