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Instanced Geometry - Random selection between objects not working

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I'm trying to achieve a random distribution of flower types using several different objects all picked in the Instanced Geo Mesh Builder list.


The issue I'm having is that across the multiple paths that distribute these objects (every stem and flower is a separate path in the Grow FX object and there are 10 of each) it seems that every path chooses the same object (there are 3 objects) from the list each time I select a random starting seed.

i.e. the plant will have all 10 flowers with object type 'A' and I can change the seed and I will have a plant with all 10 flowers of object type 'B'.

What I was expecting was a plant with a random distribution of objects type 'A' , 'B' & 'C' but the selection seems to be locked to the base seed of the GrowFX object.


I've noticed that if I run a test using a distributor with a count rate greater than 1 then the resulting objects are randomly selected from the list of instanced geometry but with a count rate of 1 only (which is what I need to use) the selection becomes similar across the GrowFX object.


Is there any way to solve this? Thanks for any help.

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