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UVW suggestions


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A cool feature for growFX would be to add a few features to the UVW mapping.


A feature to randomise the UVW Xform offset per leaf would be handy, and a way to set 'increments'. Example, each leaf would have a different UV offset, offset by an increment of 0.2.




- you could either save different leaf variations within a single map.

- Free up vertex colouring to use for other effects - I have used different RGB vertex channelsfor different effects which is also good.

- adds another method to get variation

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Hi there,

I guess it depends on the application that you are using it for. There's a couple of scripts in scriptspot that do the same thing. I cannot remember their name right now, but you should be able to find them easily. All you need to do is to have an editable poly on top of your modifier stack and select the leaves ID and then run the script. It'll randomize them by an offset that you specify. Also it'll put them in a modifier, so if you didn't want the randomization you can just delete the modifier.

I'll definitely write back here if I found the script's name.

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Hi misters,


The vertex color map mainly uses the Map Channel = 0. Maybe we can just add support for other channels? Then you can configure 2 or more channels in the Vertex color settings...
Please look at my screenshot, there is shown that the MapChannel=0 is used for Vertex color, MapChannel=1 is used for materials and textures, MapChannel=2 and more are not used by default. And if we implement this feature, you can adjust the MapChannel=0 for your other effects, and MapChannel=2 for customization and offset your texture maps, for example...


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While we are at this discussion, is there a possibility of having a second UV set. As in most trees and plants we have a different texture as the beginning of the trunk and the rest of the trunk would be a repeating texture.


Yes, we're also planning to add support the multiple channels for UVW Mapping.
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