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leaves mesh - proportional random scaling


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This concerns the leaves mesh and path length chaos.

If I want to add chaos to the leaf sizes the leaves will just get stretched by the path length. If want to have random size variation that keep the proportion of the original leaf I always have to add affects targeting the leaves mesh width and the UVs (if using absolute height/width). Maybe you could add a checkbox to the leaves mesh builder "Scale proportionally (to path length variation)"? Or add a general chaos scale factor to the leaves mesh builder, as an alternative to the path length chaos?

Nothing big, but it would save a bit of repetitive work...


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Ok, we'll add this checkbox, but keep in mind, if you'll animate directly the Length of leaves, their width will remain the same, and will not increase in proportion. The leaves width will change when their length is changed due to the Affects or chaos of the length...


Thanks for the idea!
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