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Adding flowers to trees, in bunches


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I have some flowers on a tree and I wish to kind of clump them together on certain branches.


currently I've added them onto the ends of my B4 branches, but it would be good to be able to control the randomisation at the B1 level so only certain B3 branches allow flowers to grow on it's B4 branches.


Attached is an image of my tree. You can (just) see that the distribution is uniform throughout the tree. Even adjusting the count looks too uniform.




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Hi misters,


You can add an Affect from B1>[Distributor]>[any Parameter: Affect] to Flowers>[Distributor]>Distributor in point>Count, then in the Affect factor settings set any value for the Chaos% parameter. You can also add an Affect from B2 and B3 to control randomization from these levels.
Hope this helps, if not, please send me your model...
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