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Corals (Family Pocilloporidae)

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For a while now I've been using GrowFX to produce corals and other plants, but I'm having difficulty re-creating a particular species with GrowFX's current toolset. If anyone has any suggestions for achieving results similar to the shape below, please let me know.If I had more control over the deformation of GrowFX's base geometry (such as using a custom spline as a base from which to extrude a cylinder mesh), I might be able to do it (additional capping options would be beneficial too). 


Instancing pre-made geometry is the obvious solution, but then I have to deal with intersections and a lack of the procedural randomness I've come to love from GrowFX. Meta-meshes are too time consuming to calculate and would simply congeal the whole shape into a blob rather than preserve the individual stalks. And either of those methods necessitate a great deal more geometry be created than is needed or desired. In any case, I'd like to see what others can do to re-create this affect and maybe it will even inspire some new tool ideas within GrowFX. :)



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Hi Levi,


I tried different ways to create this coral, but I've not found any result.
Maybe anyone else will be able to create it... :)

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