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Hey guys,


Just wondering what the difference between the two wind modifiers is. One is available in the direction modifiers, the other in the after mesh modifiers; I realise there is no difference in the GUI/settings between the two but are they meant for different workflows? Are there any advantages/disadvantages of using one over the other?


Thanks in advance,



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Hi Chris,


Yes, this is the same Wind modifier, and it's meant for different workflows. I already talked about this earlier.
When you apply a modifier in the Direction Modifiers, the paths modified before building of meshes. In fact, these modifiers are participating in the creation of paths.
If you add a modifier in the After Mesh Modifiers, the paths will be modified after the building of meshes. Accordingly, if you're using MetaMesh (for example), then applying the Wind modifier will allow to calculate the wind is very fast (without rebuilding MetaMeshes), also the topology of your tree will be kept at the initial stage.
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