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Inclined branch

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Hi oligophant,


I understand that you want to change the angle of the branches to the tree top? If so, I just added an affect on Angle bend, see my screenshot:
I also deleted some affects, and instead turned on the Auto radius and Radius < Parent radius in the mesh builder settings.



Regarding the distributed rendering, we've tried to solve this problem, but unsuccessfully.
Can you send us your scene file for testing? Then we could check again with distributed rendering next week.

Also, when i´m animating the tree, the viewport doesnt showme any movement like on the tutorial video. Im using milimeters on my unit setup so i have to type 10000000.0mm on stiffness to make the trunk stand and not lay near the floor.


Please send me your scene, I take a look and try to fix it...



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Thanks for your reply, i'm going to check as you suggest. I attached the scene as requested

Thanks for the file!


For your settings the System Unit Scale 1Unit = 1mm. Usually, by default it's equal to 1Unit = 1Inches. So based on your settings, I just set Flexilibity = 0.02 it's better than increasing the Stiffness, see also other settings...




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