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Avoiding flipped normals when distributor count is above one


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Hi all,

I was doing an experiment on a model and wanted to achieve the opposite leaf arrangement type. I added a distributor for the leaves and set the count amount to 2. However, the leaves are flipped on one side. I've attached a render. I was wondering if there's a way to fix that without having to use two distributors instead of one, which I might not be aware? I also collapsed it to a mesh to unify the normals, however, as you can see still some of the leaves are acting out. Oh, and I also tried using both circular and angular leaf arrangement, none did work. I've also attached the max files, just in case. Any idea anyone?

Thank you,






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Thank you for your reply. I did that and it didn't fix the issue. I'm guessing the only logical way is to use two different distributors and put each on one side of the path.


Hi Ashkan,


Yes, you have unsymmetrical leaves, so my advice is not working. To solve the problem, I did the following way:

Firstly, I configured only leaves for right side (I named it Leaves_R). Then I just copied this path and renamed it as Leaves_L. For this path, I just set the Start angle: Angle axis = 180 in the PathDistr_01-> Distributor in point settings, and for Leaves_mesh_01 I turned on the Flip normals.

See my attached file:


Adiantum aleuticum_1.gfx


If you can provide the gfx file instead of 3dsmax I could take a look for as well.


Hi Benjamin,


For you I attached the original files saved as gfx, if you want check:





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Hi Eduard,

Thank you so much. It did help. I just needed to flip them along their path (or just flip the textures).

Also in case anyone is interested I uploaded the same plant with both "Circular" and "Angular" distribution type.

On top of that I added both "Alternate" leaf arrangement as well as "Opposite" leaf arrangement.

Adiantum aleuticum_Angular_Alternate_LeafArrangement.gfx

Adiantum aleuticum_Circular_Alternate_LeafArrangement.gfx

Adiantum aleuticum_Angular_Opposite_LeafArrangement.gfx

Adiantum aleuticum_Circular_Opposite_LeafArrangement.gfx

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